Perfect your Frankenstein walk: check out Sissy Squats

Ever have a hard time focusing on a single muscle when performing compound exercises? I’ve skimmed over the Sissy Squat in the past when trying new variations of quad exercises, but I’ve been finding it hard to target my quads when doing barbell squats. I just added this movement to my quad workout: now immediately after a set of squats, I grab a plate and superset 12-15 of these. What a difference! sissy1 sissy2

For this exercise you’ll need a fixed piece of equipment to hang onto. Try a squat rack. Stand with feet shoulder width apart, grab the rack and point your toes. Now leaning away from the rack, perform a typical squat movement. For added resistance, hold a plate against your chest with your other hand.

For a great Frankenstein walk - try this Quad routine:

3×12 Seated Double Leg Extensions (superset with another muscle group) 3×12 Hack Squat Machine (superset with another muscle group) 3×12 Seated Single Leg Extensions (superset with another muscle group) 3×12 Deep Barbell Squats superset with 3x15 Sissy Squats (no rest between) **I always try to superset with another muscle group to maximize a workout

 Happy lifting

Matt for TrainRite